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Westkin Associates is a leading specialist immigration law firm with over 80 years of combined experience. We have advised over 41,000 businesses and individuals on UK immigration matters since our founding. We have also assisted clients to invest into the UK, resulting in an investment value of £361 million+.

Our UK Innovation Visa success stories

Success Story 1

A client from the US had an idea of an innovative, scalable and viable business; a Bluetooth chip designed to be embedded into different company assets. This will allow the company to track down where their assets are, giving reassurance. This idea would bridge the gap in different markets especially ones who allow customers and clients to hire and lease their products. The client had already begun informally talking to endorsers before instructing Westkin. We evaluated the business idea and contacted the appropriate endorsement bodies. I also provided the client with guidance on the endorsement process and how to provide the letter. I then gave the endorser advice on how to certify the £50,000 investment. When preparing the client through the process, I went step by step, explaining each stage of the application. This resulted in a successful visa granted by the Home Office.

Success Story 2

We were put into contact with two clients applying for a start-up visa, however, these clients had already secured the endorsement status from their respective endorsement body. The clients were from Argentina & India with a business idea that would revolutionise how commercial kitchens are used. The idea would provide huge changes to the culinary industry and had a huge untapped market. I was appointed to the case to help these two entrepreneurs secure their innovation visa. I also assisted the clients through every step of the application process, obtaining all the necessary documents and evidence needed. In the end, the visa application was successful this meant that these two entrepreneurs were ready for business within the UK.


Our lawyers support you through each step of the application.
During our consultation we strive to ensure that you fully understand the application process and look ahead to see potential risks and opportunities. After our consultation we will email you within 24 hours with a care letter detailing our discussion and the prospects of your application. We will also send you a detailed checklist of the documentation you will need to provide. Once we receive your documents, we undertake a thorough review to check that they are all correct.

We will fill in and send off the application forms on your behalf. In addition, we will follow up with the Home Office to assess your application. We will provide expert legal representation and support in your case.


Westkin acts in liaison with leading business consultants to identify appropriate endorsing bodies and tailoring your application to suit their requirements.


We will not only meet the demands of the Home Office and endorsing body but also the client’s vision.

We work with our clients to craft a high-quality business plan and/or pitch deck.


You can call us at: 0207 118 7868  alternatively email us at

What is a Tier 1 UK innovation visa?

This new visa innovation arose when the British government realised an urgent need to attract highly talented entrepreneurs. The UK innovation visa was set up alongside the start-up visa, to encourage skilled foreign nationals from across the world to come to the UK and bring with them interesting new business ideas which would drive industries forwards with innovation.

To be eligible for an innovation visa UK, you must prove to the Home Office, as well as an endorsing body, that your business is viable, scalable and a genuine innovation.

How long can I stay on a UK innovation visa?

An innovation visa is valid for three years, during which time you will be able to bring your family over and start up your business. It should be noted, however, that this will not automatically lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain.

In order to gain settled status or even citizenship, it is important to seek an extension of your visa, which will require a “same business” endorsement. This will be granted after assessing the growth of your business and its viability.

If granted you may gain Indefinite Leave to Remain and even British citizenship.

What are the requirements?

The innovation visa UK requires that you meet the following criteria:

– You have been granted an endorsement from a Home Office approved endorsing body
– You can show that you can support yourself as well as any dependents without recourse to public funds.
– You have access to at least £50,000 which can be allocated for investment into your business
– Evidence that you won’t fall for the ‘general grounds for refusal
– You have English language skills at the requisite level

If needed, we can put you in contact with English language tutors and find an appropriate exam provider. We continue to support many of our clients through this process and do so free of charge.

It is important to remember that for this visa innovation is critical.

How do I get an endorsement?

The endorsement process is normally comprised of two stages – the submission of documents and an interview.

The endorsement process can be quite alarming to applicants as it may involve a detailed interview and evaluation of all aspects of your business plan. Here at Westkin Associates, we work with our clients to make sure that they feel confident with the specifics and able to take their application to the next stage.

Can you help me with my business plan?

Yes, we offer a professional service which places you in contact with leading business consultants and selects endorsing bodies which will be well suited for your business.

Unlike other firms, Westkin refuses to use generic documents and tailors our service to the demands of the Home Office, endorsing bodies, and most importantly, you.

Given our successful years of service, we have developed a nuanced understanding of the Home Office’s criteria.

How much do you charge?

Charges will vary depending on the specifics of your case. Please contact us for a more detailed account of the costs.

A Timeline for your application

Step 1: The Initial Call

Give us a call at: 0207 118 7868, or drop us an email at: Our friendly staff will call you back, clarify any doubts and walk you through the process.

Step 2: Assessment

After our initial conversation, we will begin an assessment of your application and discuss with you both the potential and risks. If we feel that we are well suited, we will take on your case.

Step 3: Initial deposit

You will need to deposit £6,000 into an escrow account so that we can start the process of your application.

Step 4: Feedback on your business plan

To give your business plan the best odds we work with leading business consultants to highlight how your application meets the Home Office, as well as any endorsing bodies, strict criteria.

Step 5: Submitting an application for an endorsement

Once we how found a suitable endorsing body, which you approve of, we will send off an application for an endorsement.

This can be a challenging process, but we have had a great deal of success and work to highlight the unique characteristics of your business.

Step 6: Obtaining an endorsement

At this point, we will have received the decision from the endorsing body, if positive we will proceed with the next step of your application.

On the rare occasion that it is not, we will strive to understand the shortcomings of the application and find an alternative body or reapply if possible. This will require fine-tuning your application.

Step 7: Applying for the visa

After we have successfully gained a business endorsement, we send off your application as a whole.

Step 8: Receiving the decision

Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we will be happy to present to you with an innovation visa.

It only after this point that we will accept payment.

Step 9: Receiving our invoice

The last step of our process is receiving our invoice, which will have a detailed breakdown of the costs of the services we have provided.

Looking to set up or move your business to the UK?

The Tier 1 Innovation visa is a new route established in March 2019 to attract talented foreign nationals to bring new businesses to the UK which would revolutionise industries. Westkin Associates is a leading immigration law firm which was amongst the first to be granted both innovation and UK start-up visas.

If you have a bold new business idea, Westkin is determined to help you fulfil your vision. Please contact us at: 0207 118 7868 or via

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