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As one of the only firms with a dedicated investor visa team, our experienced lawyers are well known within the immigration industry and have over 18 years’ experience in all aspects of immigration law. We build a bespoke service that is tailored to the needs of each client ensuring that from initial consultation to application, extension and, ultimately, the granting of British citizenship, the client is in the best position to meet their immigration goals. Our service covers more than a visa process and we assist in all aspects of relocation to the United Kingdom through our diverse network of accountants, advisors and other leading service providers.

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Who should apply?

The demand for new investor visas is high amongst individuals wishing to reside in the United Kingdom and potentially undertake work or business as well.

When there are no obvious other immigration options this visa category allows wealthy individuals the opportunity to relocate to the United Kingdom.

As in all visa categories there exists a complex set of specific policy that applicants must adhere to in order to qualify and obtain their visa. Whilst in the UK the individual must comply with certain requirements in order to facilitate the extension of their visa allowing them to move towards obtaining settlement. We assist with both the initial application as well as with maintaining the visa requirements.

The Tier 1 Investor Visa requirements

Firstly the applicant must demonstrate to the UK authorities that they have the required funds and that are available to be transferred to the UK. The minimum amount required is £2 million and can be held within the UK or abroad in the form of a current portfolio or in a foreign currency.

The funds must be under the complete control of the applicant and cannot be from an investment fund or leveraged from other sources. Additionally, funds must be held in a regulated bank account and available from a source held in the UK.
In addition to the financial requirements, a thorough assessment of the individual’s criminal background will be undertaken and the applicant must proof source of funds.

Why choose Westkin?

Our service covers each step of the initial application through to extension and applying for settlement. We guarantee:

1. A Strategic Approach.

We carefully assess each client’s specific needs and advise accordingly based on their individual circumstances

2. High Levels of Customer Service.

Our commitment to client satisfaction means that our lawyers go beyond what is expected of them. We form strong relationships with all of our clients and work closely to maintain an excellent level of customer service.

3. Complete Service

Our service extends beyond providing outstanding immigration advice as we support our clients in any issue they may need. We ensure that we work closely with your accountants, wealth managers to provide the correct documentation in support of your application.

4. Discretion and Speed.

Our robust process and systems mean that we work with speed and discretion to assist you with your application. We carefully build your individual timeframe and set clear, defined goals that move towards submitting your application.

5. Convenience

We understand the importance of providing a service that is built around the lifestyles of our international clients. We work to your schedule and provide a service that is flexible and built around you.

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